What is your guarantee?

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We have a 2-year warranty on all ChargeMakers charging stations sold. On the Easee even 3 years. This warranty applies if there is a problem with the charge point. Before this warranty is given, the manufacturer of the charge point does expect that the following steps have been completed:

  1. The installer who installed the charge point will be the first to visit support or remotely view what the problem is or could be. This can be for several reasons such as an error during the installation, settings that are not correct, internet connection, incorrect use by the user or the charger itself is not working. So make sure you know who is going to do the installation during installation. If the installation has gone through ChargeMakers, we will arrange this initial support. If the installation did not go through ChargeMakers, you will first have to contact this installer or the company.
  2. If the problem cannot be solved immediately by the installer, the manufacturer will be called in. Each manufacturer uses different procedures. From sending the current charging station before sending a new one to sending a technician first. It is good to view the conditions on the website of the relevant charging station.

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