What if I have damage to the Charging Cable from a car?

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What if a car is driven over the charging cable?

If you drive over your charging cable, it probably doesn't have to be a big deal. However, there are a lot of cables in that large cable (7 in total). These 7 cables communicate with the charging point and transmit power. These loose cables can be damaged by the pressure of the car. For example, the pressure can cause a kink in the wire and therefore have more resistance. Due to this resistance, the current cannot flow properly and the cable becomes warmer than normal. That heat cannot be converted into energy and the car therefore charges less quickly. Ultimately, it can also lead to a possible fire hazard. If in doubt about this, it is wise to consult the electrician. In addition, always make sure that the cable is properly stored and that no other cars can easily drive over it.

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