Zaptec Go



Weight 1,3 kg
Dimensions 24×18×7.5 cm


Charging capacity


Charging from the sun

In the future via software update


Free app, Charge card, Plug&Charge


Black, Anthracite, White, Blue

Connection (Type 2)

Single socket

Load Balancing

Yes, optionally via smart meter

Consumption insight

Yes, with app

Business settlement

Optional via Backoffice (subscription, e.g. WIM Energy)

DC Leakage current protection






Suitable for

All electric cars with Type 2 connection, Aiways, Audi, BMW, BYD, Citroen, Cupra, DS, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hongqi, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Lexus, Lotus, Lucid, Lynk & Co, Mercedes, MG, MINI, NIO, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Smart, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, XPENG

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Why choose this one?


The Zaptec Go from Norway is a safe, fast and compact charger; make it to your taste with one of the color covers!

Pros and cons:

⊕ Free Zaptec app and 4G connection
5 year warranty instead of the standard 2 years
⊗ Settle without built-in MID meter

Add to that smarts such as locking your charging cable (that way you have a charger with a fixed cable) and a charging schedule to charge at off-peak rates and you see that this Zaptec Go has been well thought out.

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We make charging and ordering easy:

Free shipping1-2 day(s)

Availability: In stock

  • Make sure your charger fits well with the environment by choosing a different color such as Cloud White or Rock Gray. Or go for the standard asphalt black version of the Zaptec Go.

    A fixed charging cable at your charging point is handy, but not always beautiful. If you have to load often, it is a great option.

    If the charger is in sight, use a charging station without a fixed cable (socket). Is it concealed or do you often charge? Then take a fixed cable.

    The Chill is a stylish hook to hang the charging cable on when it is not in use. You screw the Chill to the wall.

    Available as Premium in glossy stainless steel and in black, white or red.

    As standard, all our chargers are suitable for wall mounting. Is the charger mounted on a pole? Then order it. 

    ChargeMakers has its own wooden pole with a concrete base in its range, ideal for allowing your charger to become one with the environment.

    Load Balancing ensures that the main connection of your home or office is never overloaded by the charging station.

    By continuously monitoring the electricity consumption of other devices, the charger will only use the current available to charge the car. The Tibber Pulse Load Balancer works via the P1 port of your smart meter.

    Such a safe thought! We therefore always recommend Load Balancing.

  • Do you want us to install your charging point? Then choose 1 of our 2 installation packages here; Complete or Complete Plus.

    We will then contact you for the remote chimney and to schedule the installation. If additional work is required, we will invoice this afterwards. 

    See what's included in each package and the cost of additional work on the 'Installation' page

  • *Buy a charger, plant a tree

    For every charger sold, ChargeMakers plants a tree for you via WoodYouCare

Learn more

Zaptec Go is suitable for any electric car.

No matter what type of electric vehicle you drive or where you plan to go, Zaptec Go is the most reliable & safest solution for your energy needs. Using leading sustainable technology from Norway, Zaptec has designed an award-winning charging station that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly intelligent on the inside.


Unique Features

5 years warranty
With a 5-year warranty, Zaptec Go offers peace of mind for years to come.

Ready for the future and always up to date

Zaptec Go is equipped with advanced technology, is always online via WiFi or 4G LTE-M and is continuously updated with the latest features and updates. You just have to charge your car and then your next car and the one after that.

10x faster
With Zaptec Go you can charge 10 times faster than with a standard wall socket. In just 1 hour of charging with a 22 kW car, you can drive 100 km further.

Smaller and lighter

With its sleek and discreet appearance, Zaptec Go 80% is smaller and lighter than comparable chargers on the market.

3 chargers together

Thanks to the intelligent design, you can install up to three Zaptec Go chargers in the same home or workplace, and expand them when needed.

Built in Norway

Zaptec Go is designed, engineered and manufactured in Norway to meet Norwegian conditions and is built to last.



At Zaptec, safety comes first.

We are as committed to safety as we are to electrical energy. Zaptec Go is the safety leader in the EV charging market and is certified to the highest safety standards.


Place the world's smallest smart charger anywhere


With a size similar to a digital tablet and available in 6 beautiful colors, the Zaptec Go will make a beautiful addition to your home.

Every part of the charger has been carefully designed, from the limited number of parts to the positioning of the functionally illuminated mains socket and charging card (RFID chip), to ensure highly intuitive use. Zaptec has combined traditional Scandinavian design aesthetics with leading Norwegian green technology and is conceived, designed and manufactured on the west coast of Norway.


One size, six colours.


Load balancing with the Tibber Pulse

If you want to load-balance your Zaptec Go (adjusting the charging capacity to the amount of power available at the time), we offer the Tibber Pulse. We always strongly recommend load balance, so you can always charge carefree.
The Pulse is a real-time energy meter that you connect to your own smart meter. By reading your power consumption and adjusting the correct charging speed, the Pulse ensures that your main fuse is not overloaded. To use the Pulse, you have no subscription required and you do not have to be a member of the energy supplier Tibber.


Everything at a glance with the free Zaptec App

Smart features for your charger:

  • Full control over the charging station
  • View your charging history

zaptec-go-chargemakers app


Zaptec is Award Winning

zaptec go awards reddot naf

All specifications of the Zaptec at a glance: 

  • Full dynamic charging power 1.4 – 22 kW (1- and 3-phase charging)
  • Load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse without additional infrastructure (wireless)
  • Integrated 4G in every unit (e-SIM), free lifetime subscription included
  • Wifi connection possible
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable possible
  • Integrated earth leakage protection (for DC 6ma leakage current)
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MiFare Classic)
  • Energy measurement (+/- 3%), for reading your charging consumption
  • Developed and produced in Norway
  • The box is 80% smaller than other solutions and weighs only 1.3 kg
  • 5 year warranty from the day the charger is installed
  • Universal, fits all types of electric cars
  • Manual and digital operation (free Zaptec App)
  • Free software updates that can make it even smarter in the future
  • Works with apps like Jedlix, and Tibber to save on your electricity costs.
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We can of course also install all charging stations for you

Choose the installation package that suits you when putting together your charging station - Complete or Complete Plus - and we will contact you to carry out the installation. A fixed price for the installation gives peace of mind.

Would you rather take care of the installation yourself?
That is also possible, we will send you the charger immediately. We strongly recommend that the installation be carried out by a certified charging station technician. This person has been trained by the manufacturer in connecting and setting up the chargers using the software with the correct tools. Unfortunately, we cannot provide technical support or remote (installation) assistance for chargers purchased separately (without installation) and we refer you to the manufacturer's website. Would you rather not have to do any research? Then order the installation immediately.

Our Installation Packages
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