ChargeMakers Wooden Post for Chargers

ChargeMakers-Wooden-Charging station-Handmade


Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 115 × 20 × 20 cm



Douglas wood

299,00 excl. VAT

Why choose this one?

Looking for something different than your standard metal pole? Our ChargeMakers Wooden Charging Station proves that a charging station does not have to disfigure your garden or parking space! Handmade from Douglas wood by our carpenter, fitted with a concrete base and suitable for any charging point, this unique pole is exactly what you are looking for for that sustainable look in the driveway or parking lot. Pay attention: the charger is not included, it's about the wooden pole.

The power cable runs inside the pole to the charger and is therefore not visible. This way the post keeps its natural appearance.

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Knowing more

Order it right away with your charge point from €299 in the ChargeMakers Store. At 'Installation', select the option 'Post (wood, unpainted) for soft ground'. Of course we can also place and install it for you.

Delivery time due to customization is 2-3 weeks.


Kind: Wooden post for charging point (excl. charging point)
Material: Douglas wood
Total length: 165cm
Height above ground: 115cm, 50cm concrete base with reinforcement under the ground
Width: 20cm
Depth: 20cm
Coating: Rubber coating lower part of post
Therapy: Standard no treatment, available in any desired color. Douglas ages under the influence of the elements for an authentic look
Expected life span: >10 years. Douglas lasts a long time and the parts in the ground are protected against wood rot

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