Wallbox Copper SB



Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 26×19×9 cm


Charging capacity


Charging from the sun

Yes, in combination with Load Balancing


Free app, Charge card, Plug&Charge



Connection (Type 2)

Single socket

Load Balancing

Yes, optionally via additional module

Consumption insight

Yes, with app

Business settlement

Optional via Backoffice (subscription, e.g. WIM Energy)

DC Leakage current protection






Suitable for

All electric cars with Type 2 connection, Aiways, Audi, BMW, BYD, Citroen, Cupra, DS, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hongqi, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Lexus, Lotus, Lucid, Lynk & Co, Mercedes, MG, MINI, NIO, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Smart, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, XPENG

839,00 incl. VAT

Why choose this one?


The Wallbox Copper SB offers advanced functions for the home and office in a very compact housing. This Spanish-made charging station is a relatively new player that is causing a lot of controversy with its attractive design and extensive functionality at a competitive price. Now even with a special solar panel stand; charge your car via your own solar power or simply from the grid (Power Boost load balancing meter required)

Pros and cons:

⊕ Free Wallbox app 
⊕ Charging from your solar panels
⊕ No smart meter required for Load Balancing
⊗ Only available in black

Put together your Wallbox Copper SB here and order directly:

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We make charging and ordering easy:

Free shipping1-2 day(s)

Availability: In stock

  • A fixed charging cable at your charging point is handy, but not always beautiful. If you have to load often, it is a great option.

    If the charger is in sight, use a charging station without a fixed cable (socket). Is it concealed or do you often charge? Then take a fixed cable.

    The Wallbox Copper SB is not available with a fixed cable, but it does have a loose cable that you can leave on the charger. 


    Place the Wallbox on the wall or on a pole, exactly where you want it.

    *Load Balancing

    Load Balancing ensures that the main connection of your home or office is never overloaded by the charging station.

    By continuously monitoring the electricity consumption of other devices, the charger will only use the current available to charge the car.

    Such a safe thought! We therefore always recommend Load Balancing.

  • Do you want us to install your charging point? Then choose 1 of our 2 installation packages here; Complete or Complete Plus.

    We will then contact you for the remote chimney and to schedule the installation. If additional work is required, we will invoice this afterwards. 

    See what's included in each package and the cost of additional work on the 'Installation' page

  • *Buy a charger, plant a tree

    For every charger sold, ChargeMakers plants a tree for you via WoodYouCare

Learn more

Wallbox Copper SB Unboxing by ChargeMakers – the Wallbox Copper SB in 1 minute

Wallbox Copper SB with Eco-Smart – charging via your solar panels

Meet Eco-Smart; EV charging with the Wallbox Copper SB via solar panels. An intelligence that makes your Wallbox charger an essential part of any sustainable energy system in the home. Use the green energy generated at home by your solar panels or wind turbines to charge your electric car in the most efficient and sustainable way. There are two available modes for you to choose from; you decide when you go 'fully green' or when you charge with a combination of green energy and energy from the electricity grid. The Eco-Smart feature is included as standard in the Pulsar Plus and Copper SB models.*
*Power Boost Energy meter required – order load balancing to receive this meter.

Use the full power of your solar panels

Do you generate more energy than your home consumes? Take advantage of any excess energy from your solar panels by channeling that excess clean energy into your car.

Technical background: This function only works if your solar panels generate at least 4.2 kW (4200 watts) of power (3 phases) at a time that is available for the charger, because an electric car needs at least 6A of power to start charging (Tesla's 5A). Will there be a cloud before the sun and will the power drop below 4.2kW? Then the solar charging stops again. Fortunately, the Wallbox has several settings in the Wallbox App so that you can also continue to charge when there is no sun for a while, because 4.2 kW is a lot of power for a residential solar power installation.

Two positions for more control

With Eco-Smart you can charge with 100% solar energy or with a combination of solar energy and energy from the electricity grid. Set your preferred mode in the myWallbox app and leave the rest to your charger.

Power Boost

We always recommend load balancing these days. Why? We are going to do more electrically at home and in the office now and in the future; heating, cooling, cooking, showering, generating electricity and of course charging. That draws a considerable amount on the available power of your power connection. To ensure that you can use all devices without any worries, load balancing ensures that the car will charge a little more slowly if more power is required elsewhere, for example because the oven and hob are switched on at the same time.

Wallbox calls this Power Boost and this extra module makes solar charging possible in addition to load balancing (without a subscription). A no brainer as far as we're concerned.

All Wallbox Features

Due to the universal socket, the charger can be used for both type 1 and type 2 cars. Copper is available with a maximum power of 22 kW for 3-phase installations.

Operate the Wallbox Copper SB with the Wallbox app and gain insight into your charging sessions.

Access control is managed via RFID. The Copper SB is an intelligent device that is always connected to the myWallbox charge management platform. This allows multiple users to be followed and the available power can be divided over different chargers.

  • Plug connection can be used universally for all plug-in vehicle types.
  • The authentication of multiple users can be done via RFID as well as the app. Main functions Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Bluetooth Wallbox app / myWallbox portal RFID / Wallbox app / myWallbox portal RGB LED / myWallbox portal Power Sharing Smart 3G/4G Connectivity (optional) / Power Boost 5 – Residual Current Detection + RFID /OCPP
  • Balance charging power across different chargers thanks to Power Sharing Smart.


The cloud platform myWallbox allows you to configure, view and manage your charger remotely via the mobile app or web portal. It is suitable for private and business use.

Information and management in real time: Access from any device for information about consumption, charging time, energy costs and the previous and active sessions of your charger.

  • Periodic reports: Easily download all information about energy consumption, costs, active sessions, historical data and much more at any time.
  • Remote configuration: Set the charging current according to your needs and lock or unlock the charger to prevent misuse. All with one click.

Free Wallbox app, no subscription fees

Control your charger from anywhere in the world with the Wallbox app:

  • Set up your device and get access to your usage.
  • Schedule charging sessions when the energy price is low.
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