Easee Home


Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 26×20×11 cm


Charging capacity


Charging from the sun

Yes, in combination with Load Balancing


Easee Key, Free app, Charging card, Plug&Charge


Black, Anthracite, White, Blue, Red

Connection (Type 2)

Single socket

Load Balancing

Yes, optionally via smart meter

Consumption insight

Yes, with app

Business settlement

Optional via Backoffice (subscription, e.g. WIM Energy)

DC Leakage current protection






Suitable for

All electric cars with Type 2 connection, Aiways, Audi, BMW, BYD, Citroen, Cupra, DS, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hongqi, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Lexus, Lotus, Lucid, Lynk & Co, Mercedes, MG, MINI, NIO, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Smart, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, XPENG

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Why choose this one?


The Easee Home has a (temporary) sales ban in the Netherlands, read more about this in our news item: Easee Home Sales ban in the Netherlands

Of course we have excellent alternatives in our store, for example take a look at the new addition to the Easee product line: Easee Charge Lite. This is even cheaper than the Easee Home.

Would you prefer a different brand? For example, take a look at the Zaptec Go, Alfen Eve Single S-Line or the Wallbox Copper SB

The Easee Home from Norway is a small powerhouse; up to 22kW charging power in a housing that weighs only 1.5kg!

Pros and cons:

⊕ Free Easee app and 4G connection
⊕ 3 year warranty instead of the standard 2 years
⊕ Wireless Load Balancing with the Equalizer
⊗ Settle without built-in MID meter

Add to this smart features such as locking your charging cable (so you have a charger with a fixed cable) and a charging schedule for charging at off-peak rates and you see that this Easee Home has been well thought out.

Put together your Easee Home here and order directly:

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The Easee Home has a (temporary) sales ban in the Netherlands, read more about this in our news item: Easee Sales ban in the Netherlands

Of course we have excellent alternatives in our store, for example take a look at the new addition to the Easee product line: Easee Charge Lite

Would you prefer a different brand? For example, take a look at the Zaptec Go, Alfen Eve Single S-Line or the Wallbox Copper SB

As soon as more is known about the continuation or lifting of the ban, we will update this message and this page.

Easee Home Unboxing by ChargeMakers – the Ease Home in 1 minute


Unique Features

Every Easee Home charger has a 4G connection. Free. That is also unique in the market. So you never need a UTP cable or WiFi extender, the Easee always keeps a connection. Even load balancing works wirelessly.

The Easee Home can do something that few other chargers can: auto-phase. This means that if a phase in the house is heavily loaded, the Easee can switch to another phase for charging the car. Works ideally in combination with Easee load balancing via the Equalizer (optional).

3 year warranty instead of the standard 2 years, because the charger is in your driveway longer than the car.

Charging from the sun – possible via free automatic software update (Beta)

Easee Solar Charge is called Easee's solution for charging your car with as much solar power as possible from your own PV installation. With 3 different positions you can let your Easee charger itself ensure that your car is charged the way you want:


  1. Grid (Power grid) – charge as usual with power from the grid at maximum power
  2. Grid + Solar (Power grid and Sun) – charging with as much solar power as possible, supplemented with power from the grid if there is not enough solar power available.
  3. Solar (Sun Only) – charge using only available solar power. This is very nice if you are not in a hurry and are often at home when the sun is shining. NB; your solar panels must provide at least 4140 watts of power (6 amps on 3 phases) for Solar Only to work (from about 15 solar panels on a sunny day). Do you have panels with less power in total? Then use Grid and Solar as the setting.


  • Equalizer firmware 117 or higher
  • Easee is the Operator of the site
  • Registered export of at least 25kWh on site
  • Operates on 1 or 3 phase
  • (Beta) During the Beta phase only to be activated by the site owner/admin user

Technical background: This function only works if your solar panels are currently generating at least 4.2 kW (4200 watts) of power (3 phases) available for the charger, because an electric car needs at least 6A of power to start charging (Tesla's 5A). Will a cloud cover the sun and will the power drop below 4.2kW? Then the solar charging stops again. Fortunately, the Easee has several settings in the Easee App so that you can continue to charge even if there is no sun for a while, because 4.2kW is a considerable capacity for a residential solar power installation.

Equalizer load balancing

With the Equalizer you can have the Easee Home load balance with your smart meter, completely wireless! The Equalizer talks to the charger via WiFi or its own Easee Link™ wireless network, ensuring that your home connection is never overloaded. You can even see in the Easee app how much power is available for the charger and whether the Equalizer should adjust the charging power in response to consumption in the home.

Adding the Equalizer is very easy; hold it up to the Easee Home until the charger beeps and lights up green. Then you connect the equalizer to the smart meter (which is also the power supply, so no extra adapters needed) with the supplied cable and it automatically makes wireless contact with your charger. Do you also want to see it in the Easee app? Then add it as a product (only available if the charger is connected via WiFi).

Easee App

The Easee app makes operating and setting up your Easee charger a piece of cake. The free app connects to your charger anywhere in the world and enables things like:

  • Starting and stopping charger
  • Lock charger for use by others, or give access
  • Set charging schedules for e.g. overnight charging
  • Show the current consumption of the charger, per phase
  • Permanently lock the charging cable in the charger – this is how you turn the charger into a charger with a fixed cable 🙂

Easee Cloud

What the app can do, can also be done in the Easee cloud via In the cloud, things can also be set up for business settlement, for example (we recommend our sister WIM Energy for this –, or to pair multiple chargers. You can also print an overview of your charging history.


To keep even the accessories as Easee as possible, we have the full line of Easee accessories in the range:

  • Easee Key: A small key fob that can lock and unlock your Easee Home
  • Easee charging cable: Made in Germany by Phoenix Contact, these top-of-the-line cables are available in 4 and 7.5 meters and are suitable for 32A/22kW charging power. The cables are black and the plugs are gray with black and Easee print.
  • Easee U-Hook: to hang the Easee charging cable at your Easee charging station, the U-Hook stainless steel suspension hooks from Easee are very suitable. Minimalist design yet strong, they are available in different colours: black, white, red or as Premium brushed stainless steel.
  • Easee Base Mounting pole: if you want to turn the Easee Home into an Easee charging station, we supply the Easee Base for 1, 2 or 4 chargers. Unique in its kind, these poles can connect multiple chargers to 1 power cable. Ideal for larger installations, but of course also for 1 or 2 Easee Home chargers at home.

All specifications of the Easee Home at a glance: 

  • Full dynamic charging power 1.4 – 22 kW (1- and 3-phase charging)
  • Load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse without additional infrastructure (wireless)
  • An automatic queuing system
  • The load and phase balancing works offline
  • Integrated 4G in every unit (e-SIM), free lifetime subscription included
  • Wifi connection possible
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable possible
  • Integrated earth leakage protection (for AC 30ma and DC 6ma leakage current, Integral type B RCD)
  • Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MiFare Classic)
  • Energy measurement (+/- 2%), for reading your charging consumption
  • Developed and produced in Norway
  • The box is 69% smaller than other solutions and weighs only 1.5 kg
  • 3 year warranty from the day the charger is installed
  • Universal, fits all types of electric cars
  • Manual and digital control (free Easee App)
  • Free software updates that can make it even smarter in the future
  • Works with apps like Jedlix and Tibber to save on your electricity costs. It is not yet possible to automatically settle and use an app like Jedlix at the same time, because only 1 party may operate the charger. The so-called 'Operator' in the Easee settings.
  • Choose the standard black charger or a white, red, blue or gray for an additional cost of €40 excluding VAT
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We can of course also install all charging stations for you

Choose the installation package that suits you when putting together your charging station - Complete or Complete Plus - and we will contact you to carry out the installation. A fixed price for the installation gives peace of mind.

Would you rather take care of the installation yourself?
That is also possible, we will send you the charger immediately. We strongly recommend that the installation be carried out by a certified charging station technician. This person has been trained by the manufacturer in connecting and setting up the chargers using the software with the correct tools. Unfortunately, we cannot provide technical support or remote (installation) assistance for chargers purchased separately (without installation) and we refer you to the manufacturer's website. Would you rather not have to do any research? Then order the installation immediately.

Our Installation Packages
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