Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line



Weight 4,5 kg
Dimensions 37×24×13 cm


Charging capacity

3.7-11kW, 3.7-22kW

Charging from the sun

In the future via software update


Charging card, Plug&Charge


Anthracite, White

Connection (Type 2)

Single socket, Fixed cable

Insight charging sessions

Yes, via web (subscription)

Business settlement

Optional via Service Provider (subscription)

DC Leakage current protection


Load Balancing

Yes, optionally via smart meter




904460023, 904460027

Suitable for

All electric cars with Type 2 connection, Aiways, Audi, BMW, BYD, Citroen, Cupra, DS, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hongqi, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Lexus, Lotus, Lucid, Lynk & Co, Mercedes, MG, MINI, NIO, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Smart, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, XPENG

1.169,001.369,00 incl. VAT

Why choose this one?


With a clear LCD screen, modular options and its compact construction, the Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line is rightly a future-proof charging point. We also have them (with fixed cable) in our rental fleet, we are so satisfied with this charging station.

At ChargeMakers standard equipped with: RFID reader (worth €75) and 3-phase 11kW upgrade (worth €180)

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We make charging and ordering easy:

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  • Do you want us to install your charging point? Then choose 1 of our 2 installation packages here; Complete or Complete Plus.

    We will then contact you for the remote chimney and to schedule the installation. If additional work is required, we will invoice this afterwards. 

    See what's included in each package and the cost of additional work on the 'Installation' page

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Learn more

The Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line is an advanced charging station for at home that can also be used well in the business environment.

New: the Alfen MyEve app! Alfen has the MyEve app for Apple iOS and Android released with which all Alfen chargers can be set. As long as the charger is wired (UTP) connected to the same network as the WiFi of your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can view and set everything. Different logo (for the Pro-Line)? Can you yourself. Set load capacity? Can you yourself. Update firmware? You can do all that yourself. This app is aimed at installers to set everything up, not at end users and therefore offers no insight into active or history of charging sessions.

Everything already built in
Do you not want to load balancing via your smart meter yet? No problem, we will attach the UTP cable during installation at no extra cost, so that you can always activate it. That is one of the biggest advantages of Alfen; all options (own logo on the screen, load balancing, faster charging (from 11 to 22kW), Smart Charging Network and also future options) can be activated afterwards for a one-off payment. No extra hardware required and no monthly subscriptions, which is clear and efficient.

The Alfen Eve Single S-Line can be connected to a Back Office for the settlement of the energy charged at home with your business or employer. Close one monthly subscription at €5,- (excl. VAT) to activate this settlement and you will receive the settlement costs automatically deposited into your account by our WIM Energy back office. They also help with setup and if you have questions about the operation of your charging station.

A charge card from WIM Energy completes the settlement, because you do not pay any extra costs of 2 cents per kWh at your own charge point. The costs for this pass are €0 (excl. VAT) per month because you get the pass with your WIM subscription. The WIM charge card is mainly intended for charging on your own charger, although the card will eventually also be used on public chargers.

By the way, you are not tied to WIM Energy, because all Alfen charging stations are SIM-free. You can therefore also opt for a back office from, for example, Alfen itself.


We can fully take care of the installation of the Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line. The charger will be installed and ready for use within 2 (to 3) weeks. Click here to see which package is most suitable for your situation and order right away with the charging station.

Install or have it installed yourself

Of course you can also choose to have it installed yourself, in which case we only supply the charger and accessories. This can be done within 1 working day if everything is in stock!

This is what Alfen says about the Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line:

Advanced smart functionalities
Smart functionalities ahead of the market, provided with an internet connection, wired or via mobile communication. The Eve Single Pro-line can work together with smart technologies and solutions that apply the same standards and open protocols.

Alfen Leaflet LCD Color Display Own Logo
3.5 ”color display with your own logo
The color display of the Eve Single Pro-line offers a simple interface for the user. In addition, the popular option to upload a logo provides a unique branding option for your business.

Alfen Leaflet Free Choice Management System
Free choice management system
The Eve Single Pro-line can be used in combination with Alfen's own management system or with another system that implements OCPP to enable settlement of the costs. Switching between management systems is as easy as replacing the SIM card.

Alfen Smart Charging Network
Create your own network of charging stations with up to 100 individual charging points in one location. This network balances and optimizes your electricity grid.

Designed to integrate
All Alfen charging stations are designed for the optimization of the electricity grid. This allows them to integrate and collaborate with self-generated renewable energy sources, energy storage and with smart technologies and solutions that apply the same standards and open protocols.

Alfen Leaflet Solid Quality
Solid quality
All products are robust, safe and reliable. Alfen's products are made in the Netherlands and consist of only A-quality components. All products have been extensively tested and certified.

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