Charging at home
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Home charging station -
Leave every morning with a full 'tank'

Charging your electric car at home is the ideal way to to enjoy optimally of electric driving. Not only are the costs for electricity at home lower than public or fast charging, there is also no queue at your charging station and you can hit the road fully charged every morning.

A charging station is at home possible for every situation - regardless of your car or what kind of house you live in. As long as there is space to park and a power connection nearby, a charging station can be connected and the enjoyment begins. 

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Our reviews speak for themselves


Points to consider

Because a charging station at home can last for several car lives without any problems


A fixed cable is nice at home, which saves a lot of dragging the charging cable from the trunk.

Loading speed

Different cars have different charging speeds. A charging station with a high power output (11-22kW) can serve any car.


Will there be a second electric or plug-in car in the house? Then take a charging station with an RFID reader; this way you can use different charging cards.


Insight into your charging sessions or starting / stopping charging on your phone and always up-to-date software on your charging station at home.


If you drive a lease car for business, chances are you have received a charge card. With a back office subscription to your charging station, your charging costs are automatically reimbursed.

Your next car

Look ahead when purchasing a charging station. Which plug is on it and how fast can it charge? With a Type 2 plug and 3 phase charging station you are well prepared.

Future Proof

"We have it ourselves too"

Of course you want a charging station that fits well with your current car. That's no problem, we have charging stations suitable for every car. Our advice? Take a charging station that is 'future-proof' . This way you can also charge your next electric car (s) with the charging station you purchase now.

Our Top 3 for Home are all three chargers that you can use for years to come.

ChargeMakers-Charging station-Business-NewMotion-XC90-afterChargeMakers-Charging station-Business-NewMotion-XC90-before

Our Top 3 for Home

We can of course also install all charging stations

Choose the installation package that suits you when putting together your charging station - Complete or Complete Plus - and we will contact you to carry out the installation. A fixed price for the installation gives peace of mind. 

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