Electric transport of ChargeMakers charging stations

ChargeMakers-Tesla-Model-3 Trailer

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Electric transport for electric transport: we now deliver and collect our Temporary Charging Points 100% electric! Loaded as much as possible from our own solar panels.

Our own Tesla Model 3 can tow up to 1000kg (braked) and that is enough for our 'Charging hangers'. In this way we ensure that we do what we say and keep our own emissions as low as possible during transport.

How does it drive, with such a big cart behind it? Amazingly good! In this case it is an advantage that EVs are a bit heavier (1819 kg for the Long Range Dual Motor) so that the combination of the Tesla with trailer is like a block on the road. The four-wheel drive also helps with stability and traction.

And the consumption? That is less positive; we consume about 60% more energy with the trailer behind the Model 3, which equates to 250-300Wh per kilometer. This may improve slightly in the summer, but it remains a large frontal area behind the Tesla. For comparison: our towing consumption is approximately equal to the standard consumption of an Audi E-Tron – without a trailer 😉

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