Temporary Charging
Unique Solution

Temporary Charge Points; renting a charging station is efficient and affordable

Why install fixed charging stations everywhere when a charging station is only temporarily or irregularly being used? That is not efficient, unnecessarily expensive and above all not necessary.


ChargeMakers has Temporary Charging Points in its rental fleet: 4 or 6 charging points in one ready-made charging plaza on wheels. Expandable with 2 charging points on a mobile charging station, as many as necessary.


A charging station on temporary power from the grid or a battery can be used anywhere. And the costs? These are always lower than the construction of fixed charging points.

Car manufacturers rely on ChargeMakers


This VW ID.3 can charge with 11kW - the electricity is distributed among the charging cars via Load Balancing

The mobile charging plaza is delivered by us in working order - just set up, connect and charge

Up to 6 cars can charge simultaneously - each charger has a fixed charging cable with Type 2 plug

The electricity comes from a three-phase power connection on site - or optionally from a battery. Plug & Play

The driver can easily connect and disconnect the car himself - no charging card or own charging cable is needed

Charging at your door

With ChargeMakers Temporary Charging Points you charge everywhere. And fast - up to 22kW. This way we ensure that you can still charge at that (temporary) location; e.g. an event, conference, rental property, construction site or as a precursor to the fixed charging plaza.

Rent a charging station

No upfront investment for fixed charging infrastructure, but rent what you need when you need it. By day, week, month or longer for rent as a total solution with 4 or 6 charging points per Mobiel Laadplein or as a mobile charging station with 2 chargers.

Without battery or generator

Charging electric cars with energy provided by the property - no digging. Plug & Play on a 32 amp CEE connection. No power current available? Then we optionally supply a battery.

Full Service

Transport, setup and activation - everything is taken care of. Our charging points can even be equipped with your own logos and branding. And if you want, our stewards can stay there for VIP, shuttle service or parking assistance.

How does that work?

In 60 seconds we explain exactly how our Mobile Charging Square is used in action (Dutch audio)

Venues rely on ChargeMakers

Mobile Charging Points

For rent per day, week or month

In addition to our mobile charging plazas, we also have mobile charging stations for rent. These are 2 chargers on a pole that can be used as a supplement to a mobile charging plaza. All our mobile charging stations are equipped with fixed cables with type 2 plugs and can be activated with all charging cards. It couldn't be easier.

The perfect extension

Does a Mobile Charging Plaza just not have enough charging points? Then renting a mobile charging station is the best option. With 2 extra chargers on a pole, any number of chargers can be put together - as long as it is an even number 😉

Mobile Charging Square (4 chargers)

ChargeMakers-Mobile-Charging Square-Temporary-Charging Station-4-Chargers
  • 4 Charging points
  • Plug & Play
  • Max power 22kW
  • With Load Balancing
  • Fixed cable and T2 plug

Mobile Charging Square (6 chargers)

ChargeMakers-Mobile-Charging Square-Temporary-Charging Station-6-chargers
  • 6 Charging points
  • Plug & Play
  • Max power 22kW
  • With Load Balancing
  • Fixed cable and T2 plug

Mobile Charging Station (2 chargers)

Rent ChargeMakers charging station 4
  • 2 Charging points
  • Plug & Play
  • Max power 22kW
  • With Load Balancing
  • Fixed cable and T2 plug

Businesses rely on ChargeMakers

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