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Choosing the right charging station solution for your company is custom work. That does not equate to pricey, but to the best approach for the situation - and it ends in the end the costs as low as possible. ChargeMakers advisers take into account growth, occupancy and the type – car, van, truck – EV to advise the right charging station or charging plaza. 

Business charge points must always work, your company relies on them. Not only do the comfort and low electricity costs for employees and guests count, but also high operational reliability. By looking at occupancy rates, now and in the (near) future, a scalable solution is possible. From charging station now to charging plaza when necessary, ChargeMakers ensures that your company is ready for the future.

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Fast Anywhere

Fast charging
With or without buffer battery - ideal

  • Flexible – Fast chargers with batteries as a buffer offer the possibility of fast charging in locations where this would otherwise not be possible due to grid congestion.
  • Scalable – The battery capacity can be expanded as the demand for charging power increases.
  • Environmentally friendly - The use of batteries reduces the pressure on the electricity grid, which contributes to a more sustainable energy supply.
  • Efficient – Fast chargers with batteries as a buffer provide a fast charging time, allowing users to continue their journey with minimal delay.

Fast charging on site - a godsend

Where many miles are made in, for example, (urban) logistics, it is important that electric driving no decline means of the range. The routes must be driven daily and that preferably zero emissions and without an increase in waiting time or manpower/means of transport.

Fast charging (DC) can be a solution here. ChargeMakers supplies fast chargers from alpitronic (the Hyperharger) and Kempower† Innovative chargers that excel in Also where too little power available is a DC charger can be used. Through batteries as buffer tanks can still be quickly charged. This is often cheaper then tighten the mains connection - and much faster to realize without dependence on the grid operator.

DC vs AC charging: How full is your battery after 30 min fast charging from 20%? (81kWh battery)

300kW DC
150kW DC
50kW DC
22kW AC
11kW AC

Based on the Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021 using data from EV Database

We only work with the best brands


and flexible

The start of the electrification of your vehicle fleet raises a lot of questions and not all questions can now be answered. In particular, the growth and charging requirements for using a charging station for business are constantly changing. Fortunately, this can be anticipated by choosing a scalable charging solution from well-known Dutch brands such as EVBox, Alfen and NewMotion or newcomers like Blue Current. 

In addition to the business charging stations that you will find in our store, we can also supply custom solutions from other manufacturers. This is how we work with the Spanish Wallbox and the Norwegian Easee who are market leaders in their own country and bring a lot of experience in energy management and efficiency. 

Whichever solution you choose, the charging points of ChargeMakers are always flexible and scalable. This is how we grow with your company. 

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We can of course also install all charging stations for you

Choose the installation package that suits you when putting together your charging station - Complete or Complete Plus - and we will contact you to perform the charging station installation. A fixed price for the installation is provides clarity. Installing more than one business charging station or an entire charging plaza? That is not a problem either, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options.

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