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Team Charge Makers

Of course: about innovation and sustainability, but also fun and making a difference

ChargeMakers charges everywhere with its temporary charging points. The idea that charging should be possible everywhere, even where there are no or insufficient charging stations, was the inspiration in 2019 to develop the fist Mobile charging plaza in-house and start with the rental. 

In 2020, Mobile Charging Points (2 chargers on a pole instead of 6 in a trailer) have also been added to our rental fleet and you can now also contact us for the purchase and installation of fixed charging points – at home or at the office. 

We don't stand still and continue to contribute to electric mobility through innovative products and services. Take our wooden post for chargers which is suitable for any fixed charger. In this way we make electric driving even more fun.

Learning by doing

What could be more fun than inventing something that doesn't exist yet, making it with your own hands and then seeing happy customers use it because it solves their problem? 


For Caspar Schoenmakers, founder of ChargeMakers, there is nothing better than that. This satisfaction is at the heart of ChargeMakers and drives everything we do. We do not start from what is already there, but what is needed – with impact and a better world as the goal. Our team consists of experts who each contribute in the field of creation, technology and innovation. Our journey about making sustainable mobility possible for everyone has only just begun!

Within ChargeMakers, Cathelijn Schoenmakers-Kloeze is mainly concerned with the marketing and customer service† We make every effort to advise and facilitate our customers in the best possible way when purchasing a charging station or when renting temporary charging points. Our expertise in charging points, combined with our experiences with other customers, means that we can help all kinds of customers and companies. In this way, we always offer the most suitable solution that suits that customer. That makes our work to make sustainable mobility possible so much fun and we are happy to commit ourselves to this. 



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