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Mobile Charging Plaza

Temporary Charging

With our Mobile Charging Square you can place (additional) charging stations anywhere. We believe that fixed charging stations are not always the solution. In such a case, renting these unique mobile charging stations offers a practical and affordable solution.

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Fast Anywhere

Business Charging

An electric car, van or truck at your company requires a charging station that always works. And if there are more EVs in the future, it must also be a scalable solution. Everything is possible with our fixed charging stations and DC chargers.

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Charging at home

Just think; always leave home with a full battery, the car nicely preheated. Charging at home makes electric driving great. Choose a charging station that suits your (future) needs - simple or advanced - we have it.

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We believe that charging should be as easy as possible

That's why ChargeMakers temporary charging points and permanent charging stations. From our unique Mobile Charging Plaza that provides charging points temporarily and quickly, to fixed charging stations for companies and at home. 

Of course we deliver also fast chargers (DC) for situations where normal charging (AC) is not sufficient. Is there too little grid capacity for the fast charger? Then we use a battery as a buffer with Charge Makers Fast Anywhere. This is often faster and cheaper than a grid reinforcement.

Charging electric cars is for many people (business and private) new and unknown. We are happy to answer the questions that arise.

Only the best brands


Which solution is best for your situation? Ultimately, you just want to load as easily as possible without having to worry about the technology. That's why our chargers suitable for all electric cars and always load them with the highest available speed - home, business and public. Questions about our mobile charging stations? Let us know.


Of course we are also happy to take care of the installation. Order the installation right away when ordering the charging station. Choose the installation package that suits you when putting together your charging station - Complete or Complete Plus - and we will contact you to carry out the installation. A fixed price for the installation gives peace of mind.

Enthusiastic users of our Mobile Charging Points

A selection of the reactions from our users - at an event, company or festival

"This really solves a problem, there are not always enough charging points at conferences or companies." 

Ruben, The Hague

Tesla Model 3

“A solution for events. Otherwise I will not be able to get home without a stopover for fast charging. ”

Valerie, Nijmegen

Renault Zoe

 “This is the future for places without sufficient fixed charging points. I still have more than 100km to go home, now I can continue in one go. ”

Ronald, Son

Volkswagen e-Golf

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